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Advantages for Gold Members
Feature Gold Members Standard Members
Advanced search to narrow down potential matches
View complete profiles of other members 1
Initiate, read & reply to messages 2
View full-size photos
View full-length videos
Comment on photos & videos
Watch live member webcams Unlimited 1 at a time
View favorite photos & videos
Send friend requests
Send flirts
Maximum members in Hotlist 1000 200
Receive priority customer services via telephone
Receive technical support by email within 12 hours within 2 days
Like photos & videos
Basic search using standard form or by username
View, like, and comment on contest photos 3
Upload photos & videos
Chat on IM & chatroom
Join blogs & groups

1. Some standard members receive viewing privileges based on the popularity of their profile.

2. Standard members can initiate, read, and reply to Premium members who have purchased standard contacts.

3. Standard members can only view the current contest and the latest finished contest; they cannot view previous contests.

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