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width vs length  

IEprincessLut 40F
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4/3/2023 1:47 pm
width vs length

Ladies, be honest now,

Width or Length?

Size Matters! It's no secret!

But what is more important?

Do you need girth to stretch out those tight little holes?

Will length really get the job done?

I cream my panties regardless, as long as I'm being talked to like a dirty little fuck doll.

You can have the most microscopic penis that ever existed and as long as you appreciate my sluttiness I'm creaming......

Besides, its not your cock that makes me squirt.....
Its not the size of the boat. Its the motion of the ocean.
Length please......
Width is all that matters.....
I need it all....Width and length are the only way to satisfy me.
Fingers suffice

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